Thursday, July 1, 2010

Slip-n-slides and busted lips..

Today Tony had a friend over to play. We got out his new slip-n-slide. He decided to jump immediately on it to show his friend how fast he could go. There was no water on it yet. Stopped dead-in-his-tracks, face plants and comes up with a heck of a busted lip. Lesson learned: slip-n-slides don't slip or slide without water! Bless his heart! He is so passionate.......boys:) Hey, come to think of it, Chris has a scar from a slip-n-slide injury....from just 3 years ago? Hhhummmmmm......BOYS

We received our new # for July and we are #3. Yeah, not very impressive, since we were #4 last month. It seems infant girl referrals have slowed to a snail's pace. But, what are you going to do. We can't add a day to our lives by worrying about it. Trying to enjoy everyday of this journey with the Lord. I feel like one of the disciples, sometimes, though. Jesus invites me to go to the other side of the lake and I agree to go. He seems to be sleeping peacefully right through the middle of "my storm". I start to get anxious and wake Him up. He calms the storm and then asks me "why am i afraid? Have I still not learned to trust Him?" I mean I was willing to cross to the other side of the lake. Cross over to the other side of fear, anxiety, faithlessness...you name it. Whatever we need to be on "the other side of". And then the storms come. Things don't go according to OUR plans. And it always struck me that Jesus was just sleeping right through this storm. What did the disciples feel when they looked down and saw Him just snoring away while they were panicking? How could He?

I think sometimes that is my perception of God's seemingly inactive participation in MY plan. How can He just sit idly by while my plans just fall apart? I mean, I got in the boat didn't I? Or is it truly making it to the other side that He wants to use to "free" me of the things I "got in" the boat for?

Whatever His plan. I know that we will make it to the "other side" of this process. And I hope that my faith in the "Giver of all good things" is even stronger for it. And I hope to leave many of my trappings on the shore and be forever changed by the Captain of the ship.

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  1. Wow! That brought me to tears - beautifully put. I just love your heart! That was EXACTLY what my anxious heart needed to hear today, thank you. And being on the girl's list, I'm PRAYING for speedy referrals too! =)