Saturday, July 10, 2010

Send your love to the orphanage.........

A few people have asked me about helping out the orphanage that our daughter is placed in. I thought first that I should tell you about our Agency's ministry there. And I will attach a list of items that are ALWAYS needed at the orphanage. We will personally deliver them to the orphanage. We will be collecting items, as well as money :), to take to the orphanage with us on our first trip over. We are hoping to fill up at least two large Rubbermaid containers. If your heart has been drawn to the plight of the orphan and the widow, then here is a great opportunity to sew into a ministry that is "being" the Gospel to the needy in Ethiopia. To look at statistics about Ethiopia, refer to a previous post about why we chose Ethiopia to adopt our daughter from.

And an update on our Baby 'S'; we did receive word that she smiles, can stand on her feet when being held, holds her head up and makes good eye contact. We have been praying intensely for our daughter. We were blessed to get to view some video of her that a friend who just went to pickup her precious son took while she was there. It was very special (sorry, we can't share it), but I was very struck by how TINY she was. I have to keep myself from getting scared for her. We have to trust in GOD. He loves her infinitely more than we ever could. HE has a plan for her. HE has placed her in our family. HE will redeem the time for her. HE will be faithful to complete the good work that HE has begun in her life. HE can hold her while we are absent. HE rejoices over her.

We have her room all set up. It's so amazing to look at her crib and think that in a couple of months (Lord willing) she will be in there. I can't help but stop and stare into her room every time I pass by and I pray for her. What is she doing? Is she being held and loved? I get much peace knowing that the Special Mothers at Hannah's Hope take such good care of the children.

Here is a video about adoption ministry from All God's Children International, our agency.

For more information on the adoption agency and their ministry, visit their website. Here is a video about one of their recent projects.

website: allgodschildren.org

Donation info:

A to Z (and more) of Things Needed at HH Ethiopia
For babies: (Clothes are not a large need as of right now—please focus on supplies if possible)

a) Whole suitcase of diapers, half being for newborn babies
b) Pull-ups (for the few toddlers that are almost toilet trained)
c) Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo
d) Lotions, baby oils and baby wash
e) Diaper rash cream—

f) Baby Wipes
g) Bottles-Avent bottles—both large and small sizes
h) Bedding—we get this from Target—please contact Julie about this
i) Multivitamins for babies—liquid drops. Also, organic flax seed
j) Vegetable or soy based formula—this is the kind that is most needed
k) Dairy or Soy based formula

Things for older children:
l) Shampoos and conditioners that are fortified for curly hair
m) Dandruff shampoos
n) Body soap
o) Body lotions—especially for dryer or ashy skin
p) Clothing for boys and girls between 4 and 13 years old and especially need pants and pajamas
q) Shoes including crocs, sneakers (these are especially good for the older boys to play soccer in), for 4 through 13 years old children
r) Bedding-sheets for the older children (just get twin sizes and we resize them. Pink (bright), red and green (more lime than grass green)

Other things
s) Air freshener (any kind that is safe to use in children/babies rooms and bathrooms)
t) Regular size towels (both blue and pink).
u) Braun Thermometer Covers
v) Deodorant for men and women
w) Cloth Diapers and Covers—these are donated to Government Orphanages
x) “Boppies” for infants (‘C’ shaped pillow)
y) Infant Bouncy Seats or Bumbo Seats
z) If you are looking for things to carry these donations over something that would be helpful is to put them in the large Tupperware storage containers. This would be helpful to help store different things like toys etc.

Thank you! It is because of families and friends like you that we can continue to care for these children with the finest and the best supplies! Thank you for your participation!

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  1. We are hoping to be traveling in early August to get our little guy, I would love to look in on her for you while we are there if you want. Email me - thekeyserfamily@gmail.com