Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I am now in the process of rehabilitating my knee. Very painful. Bending it is quite a chore and at this point I wouold rather keep it straight, but that won't get me behind the wheel of a vehicel any sooner, so we must press on. Last night I was very discouraged by my progess, being a "doer" and still not able to "do". I was thinking about the pain and my family was praying for me. I said it is not so much that the pain exists, but the it reminds me that things are still not right. (I tend to labor under a belief that one morning soon I will awake and be back to 100% and just move on with the "doing".) Anyway, it dawned on me that our hearts/ spirits work the same way. When we have been wounded, hurt or are just dysfunctional in our relationship with God and/or others we would just love to move on and keep "doing". The pain stops us though. That's God's grace. It reminds us that things still "aren't right". We still need healing, time, rehabilitaion from the Maker of the Universe. The pain isn't so much the problem, but the reminder that we can be whole, we just aren't there yet and were not made to operate or pretend that we are. We are fragile beings, born of dirt and dust with the breath of God breathed into us. So, I can have no problem with pain today (I am no CS Lewis), because I know that it means I am in need of more rehabilitation. It's a reminder that He is still making me whole, breathing into my fragile body His life-giving breath.