Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Don't lose hope!

That seems to be a phrase that I have been repeating to myself, and to my friends in the same position, a lot lately!! This journey is taking so much longer than we had anticipated. That is frustrating and disheartening. I tend to flounder between complete trust in God's plan and feelings of weary-I don't think I can wait any longer-losing heart moments.

We turned in our initial application almost 15 months ago and still have, at least, another 4 months until baby comes home. What might soon add to that wait is that the courts close in Ethiopia for all of September and part to all of August. So, if we don't get a call by next week for the baby, then we will have to wait that extra 1-2 months to get before the courts....just waiting for them to open again. We don't actually appear in the court for the second trip, just the Embassy, so that wouldn't change anything. The first trip will be scheduled approximately 6-8 weeks after you accept your referral, though. As the month of June winds down here, it looks like we will miss the cut-off to make it to the courts before they close. If we get our call after next week, then probably we will not be making the first trip until October/ November and then the second to bring her home November/ December. Wow. That seems like a lifetime away after all of the waiting that we have already done. Confused? So am I. Especially trying to "map it all out" in my head. Which has proven o be fruitless, anyway. There are many more elaborate explanations of this new two-trip policy, but that's my rough interpretation of it.
Okay, all things in perspective. We are all having a great summer at the Smith house, with all sorts of activity and time with friends and family. We are truly blessed and will just keep-on keeping-on.

Hopefully the next post will be about our "referral call"! Hopefully...

Tony swimming in the Nolichucky- you've come a long way, baby! 6/21

Monday, June 14, 2010


We are officially #4 on the list now! Yeah! We are truly getting prepared for the next stage of this process. Well, frankly, I feel we have been prepared for the next stage for a while, but the process seems to be dragging out longer than we expected.

Adoption lesson #1. Almost EVERYTHING about adoption will take longer than what you are told. So, be prepared to wait and wait and then wait some more.

Adoption Lesson #2. Don't assume anything, because things can change at the drop of a hat. Like the travel to Ethiopia, just two months ago we were expecting only one trip there and now we have to take two.

Is it all worth it? Absolutely, and I haven't even seen a picture of my Ethiopian Princess, yet.

Is it hard? Absolutely, but have you met Tony? Need I say more?

Can anyone do it? Yes, there is nothing special about us, just God's plan. But, I hear people say all of the time that they would love to adopt, just dont think they could "do it". Like they don't have what it takes. Not true. I want to advocate for all of those Fatherless children out there. If God ever tugs on your heart, don't ignore it. What a beautiful image of the Father's love for us all.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Still waiting. I will post soon with some really deep thoughts about this whole process, but for now am tired. But thankful! It has been almost a year since I injured my knee and I am still rehabbing it. What a different summer I am going to have, though. I have a grateful heart for the small things this summer; like driving, swimming, gardening and just being outside with Tony and Chris. I am not taking those things for granted! And what wonderful weather we have been having!
I am thankful that I just celebrated 10 years of marriage to my best friend. What an amazing ten years it has been. I couldn't have imagined ten years ago where life would have taken us. I don't think that I would change a thing. For all of the potholes in the road have become wells to draw from, deeper dependence on God and a greater trust in Him. I have relinquished so much in the past ten years, but am painfully aware that I still have FAR to go in this walk with the Lord and with Chris. Chris still hasn't seemed to have caught on to the secret that I am not perfect...."shhhh, don't tell him!" But, seriously, what a treasure he is to me.
On a different note, Tony had his friend spend the night tonight and I sang them a song before bedtime (maybe a little dorky for some 8 year-olds, but Tony loves it) and his friend said "Tony, you are so lucky that your Mom is an opera singer." I just wanted to write this down, because I am sure that in 10 years Tony will forget how "lucky" he is and think that what I do really isn't that "cool". I just love the things that they say at this age! But, at 18 I am sure that he won't enjoy me showing up at his high school wearing my "Don't make me use my opera voice" T-shirt. That's what makes the idea of doing that seem so much fun, though! hahah (evil laugh)