Monday, June 7, 2010


Still waiting. I will post soon with some really deep thoughts about this whole process, but for now am tired. But thankful! It has been almost a year since I injured my knee and I am still rehabbing it. What a different summer I am going to have, though. I have a grateful heart for the small things this summer; like driving, swimming, gardening and just being outside with Tony and Chris. I am not taking those things for granted! And what wonderful weather we have been having!
I am thankful that I just celebrated 10 years of marriage to my best friend. What an amazing ten years it has been. I couldn't have imagined ten years ago where life would have taken us. I don't think that I would change a thing. For all of the potholes in the road have become wells to draw from, deeper dependence on God and a greater trust in Him. I have relinquished so much in the past ten years, but am painfully aware that I still have FAR to go in this walk with the Lord and with Chris. Chris still hasn't seemed to have caught on to the secret that I am not perfect...."shhhh, don't tell him!" But, seriously, what a treasure he is to me.
On a different note, Tony had his friend spend the night tonight and I sang them a song before bedtime (maybe a little dorky for some 8 year-olds, but Tony loves it) and his friend said "Tony, you are so lucky that your Mom is an opera singer." I just wanted to write this down, because I am sure that in 10 years Tony will forget how "lucky" he is and think that what I do really isn't that "cool". I just love the things that they say at this age! But, at 18 I am sure that he won't enjoy me showing up at his high school wearing my "Don't make me use my opera voice" T-shirt. That's what makes the idea of doing that seem so much fun, though! hahah (evil laugh)

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