Monday, May 24, 2010

Patience now....please!

Please all praying people pray for us! We have now been on the waiting list for 8 months and are wondering when this thing will happen. The waiting time frame when we started this was 6-8 months, but at #4 unofficially, it seems we might not be moving as quickly as we had anticipated. I am getting a little anxious. This does not fit into my plans! You see, I had the whole thing mapped out beautifully. We would be back with our little girl by mid-summer and that would give us all time to learn about each other, and plenty of time for me to "mother" before I had to go back to work in the fall. Then, Ethiopia changed their travel policies. That will add some time (not to mention the added financial burden) with having to make two trips to Ethiopia now. There are many positive things about the two trips, but ultimately, it will add time to the "coming home" end of things. And now, it seems that there just isn't as much movement on our list. So, my plans just aren't going to come to fruition.....imagine that! God kindly laughs at "our plans" I know. We must all learn to trust Him. He is faithful and will not fail us, even if His plan looks different than ours (chuckle).

But, could you please pray anyway? That God will do all things in His time, but maybe sooner than later? And no matter what He does, please pray for patience for us. This whole journey is beginning to feel very long. I wish I could answer the question that I hear almost daily; "when are you getting your baby?" I am truly ready to have a response to that, other than "I have no idea!"

And pray for all of those orphans that are left behind. My wait is nothing compared to theirs. Waiting for a home...... a family. There are some 143 million orphans in the world. Can we make a difference in one orphan's life? Yes, we all can. We can not forget the Fatherless among us and across the world. May all of our hearts be stirred to practice this "true religion".

If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one. Mother Teresa


  1. Hey girl-I am trying in vain to be patient too! I finally found your blog-now you can see ours too! Hang in there-but i am serious if we don't get some referrals soon-I am going to loose it! amber :-)