Thursday, July 8, 2010

Birthday "Gift"!

(can't post pics of her until she's legally ours, but here are her feet!)

She has arrived!!!!!!!!!!
My birthday gift was our Baby 'S'! I received a call from our case worker on my birthday for our daughter. Her Ethiopian name means "gift". What a perfect birthday "gift". She has some special needs that we need to be praying for. She is tiny! I mean really tiny! She came to the Hannah's Hope orphanage in April and they have been trying to put some weight on her since then. She is now 4 months old. I have found myself singing a lot today. I am overjoyed to be a mother again!

We are just so thrilled. We have actually completed all of our referral paperwork and overnighted it today. That was a whirlwind! Now we wait for our agency to check it, send it to Ethiopia, and then pray they open a file for us quickly. You see, in Ethiopia in September, and sometimes all or part of August they close their courts, due to the rains. We could get all of this moved through quickly and they can stop giving court dates until they reopen in October. Obviously, due to our daughter's developmental needs, every day is important. So pray for her and for us and for the courts! We need some miracles! We need to bring our baby 'S' home.

Side note: I will refer to her as Baby 'S' because we cannot use her Ethiopian name, but I
will use her initial. And we haven't decided yet what name we will give her. We also can't post pics of her, either, so you will have to use your imagination. Hint: she's cute, brown, tiny, big eyes, lips I would have to get botox for ......... and just perfect!

So, please pray! Just to review the process. We will have to travel twice. Once in approximately 4-12 weeks (depending on court closure deadlines) to appear in court. Prior to that her birth-mother will appear. After our first trip we will come back and wait 4-8 weeks to return for Embassy appointment and to bring her home. I will post the courtdates as we get them.
It has been a very emotional last few days, but we are just so thankful. And trusting God that he will look after her, whisper in her ears for us and fill her heart with love. Also trusting Him to work all of the details out in His timing! Believing in miracles and the "peace that passeth all understanding"!
Welcome into our hearts Baby 'S'.....we've been waiting for you!


  1. beautiful little feet!!!! a gift for sure! congratulations!!!!

  2. congratulations!! We are praying for you all

  3. AMAZING!!!! CONGRATS!! Praying you get in before courts close!

  4. Beautiful timing from God! What a gift! Pryaing that all goes well and quick before the courts close.

  5. She's SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Look at those little twinkle toes! :-D

  6. Congratulations!! What a precious gift!