Monday, January 10, 2011


Okay, so we have been home for almost two months now and I am just now posting the first official pictures of our Sitota Joy.
So, to all five of my blog readers, I profusely apologize, but have just been enjoying being Sitota's mother so much that I really haven't been concerned about much else. So, without further adieu, especially for all of my agency friends, I introduce you to Sitota Joy!

She is doing great and enjoying the winter and all of the snow! Mostly because that means lots of snuggle time with everyone and many giggles with brother. She has gained a pound every two weeks since she has been home and that makes Momma very happy! I almost hate to report this (for all those barely-getting-any-sleep mommas), but she sleeps through the night already! She must have known that I needed that; not being an early riser. We had a wonderful Christmas and celebrated Gena, Ethiopian Christmas, with tibs, injera and shiro. Well, Sitota just had baby food, but she enjoyed watching us all eat the Ethiopian foods. I wonder if she misses Ethiopia as much as Chris and I do? We are thinking about a way to get back to Addis sometime in the next couple of years to help at HH. What an incredible place!

Sitota Joy and proud big brother, Tony

What a great way to start a new year! We have so much to be thankful for. To be on this end of the journey is sure a relief, but I would do it all over again without hesitation. Sometimes I look at her with awe that she is really mine; well, at least on loan to me. We did meet her birth-mother and I think about her often. I can only describe that experience as being eternal, other-worldly and priceless. There are some things in this world that won't ever seem "fair" or "equitable", but when I look at Sitota and remember the "gift" that her mother gave her by giving her life, I know that God is sovereign, loving and merciful. The gift that we can give her, and her birth-mother, is to point her to our loving God. So, that someday when we give her back to Him; she knows Him by name!

Happy Gena! Happy New Year! From the Smith family...all FOUR of us!


  1. She is gorgeous and I seriously love the pic of her big bro and her. Glad she's sleeping through the night for you! What a gift.

  2. She's a cutie. I like how she has so little hair so you can sort of ease into figuring out her hair too. I've been checking your blog for pictues since you got home. I tell you, these Ethiopian children are so cute! Glad ya'll are doing so well.

  3. You have a gorgeous family - both of your children are too precious for words! I love that Sitota is thriving now that she is home. The best care in the world does not compare to a mother's love, does it? :)