Monday, September 27, 2010

Projects for Baby 'S'!!!!!!

Just had to share the projects I have been working on. The book is to take with us on our first trip....(which by the way is in exactly 17 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and to leave there for our daughter to look at until we return. Hopefully she will enjoy looking at our pictures, and biting and drooling all over the book, which is just fine. That's why I made it soft and squishy! I have been working on that book for a few weeks and had to finish it by hand since my sewing machine is acting up. I am not a great seamstress, but can get things done, and it was so bright and cheery it was fun to do. I didn't show the last page, but it has a little mirror for her to look at herself and see herself as part of our family now, too!

The little onesie is to take for the second trip. I stitched that little Africa on (copied the idea from so many that have gone before me!) I can't wait to get to dress her myself!!!!! PINK, PINK and more PINK!!!!!

We are so thankful to our church for all of the wonderful stuff that they have collected to bring to the orphanage. My mother and friends have also been collecting goods and I have gotten money to buy supplies from both of our families. What a treat to get to spend it on these kids. Tony loves looking at all of the stuff we have collected and thinking about the kids enjoying it all. We will have to carefully pack and weigh, then repack and weigh again, and figure out how to spread all these goods out between the two trips. We have so much to take! It is very exciting! I began gathering toiletries and such, and for a clothes-horse like me, I have already laid in bed many nights trying to figure out how to fit all of my clothes into one carry-on....scary! I really want to travel light, so I will have to just trust in the Lord on this one.

We are also having a 3-day lay-over in London on the way back and are very excited about that. Neither of us have been to London, so not a bad 10-year anniversary trip (6 months late, but hey?!). It seems like we have been waiting forever and now it's just a few workdays, a couple of weekends, a camping trip, some soccer games, cub scout meetings, pot-lucks and loads of laundry away! Can't believe it! In 17 days I will hold my daughter for the first time, and be a blubbering mess. I hope she isn't scared. I know that I am. But the good kind of scared, like the "in awe, fear of the Lord" kind of scared. What a wonderful gift Love is. Can't wait to share it with our daughter.


  1. Awwww, the photo album turned out SO WELL! I can't believe your first trip is so soon.

  2. I love the book you made! Can't wait for you to meet your daughter--it really is coming up soon! :) (And the onsie is super cute, too!)

  3. What a cute book!! I love the idea of making it yourself.