Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Home-study home-stretch

Okay, it seems that we are in the home-stretch with the home-study. Our worker is on vacation this week and when she comes back we expect her to work 24/7 on our home-study :) But, really, at this point it is in her hands. She has to write it and submit it. Then we send in the Dossier and move on from there. Move on to wait........ We are getting really excited. It seems there are a few things that have changed in Ethiopian law and the agencies have to wait to get some families adoptions moved through court. This will probably affect everyone, and might ultimately put us back a few weeks, months, who knows? It's all about waiting anyway. No problem, that just means more time alone with the soon-to-be-big-brother!

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  1. and the soon to be big brother is very excited as well....EXCITING TIMES!